Name: Wu Janjin
Nickname: David, Danny
Rank: Acting Captain
Assignment: Commandant, Starfleet Academy
Place of Origin: Earth
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 1.79m (5'10")
Weight: 80.3kg (177lbs)
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Other Physical Attributes: Wiry physique, often wears a mustache or goatee.

Although born in inner Mongolia, Wu would spend his formative years further south, closer to the Gobi Desert. The only son of relativly poor farmers, their situation would only grow worse as the land they worked slowly turned into desert.

At an early age, Wu dreamed of the ocean. He read stories of ships on the sea, and deterimed at a very young age that he would serve in the Navy. Eventually, he became most enamored with the submarine service, and focused his attention there. Despite the fact he had never seen the ocean (or any other major body of water, for that matter), Wu was posative his future lay in on or under the ocean.

By the age of fifteen, Wu had planned his escape. A veracious reader, Wu had picked up as much reading as he could on the world he planned to enter, and in the eager anticipation only a teenager could have, memorized everything he could get his hands on. With years of planning, Wu gathered what he thought he needed, and ran away from home overnight.

After some months hopping from city to city, and acquiring the false documents he needed, he enlisted in the Navy. For some time, the documents held up. In fact, he was nearly half way through basic training when a bad case of the flu put him in the base infirmary. Medical tests showed his documents were false, since Wu had only managed to guess his blood type.

Despite being near the top of his class, Wu was summarilly removed from training and discharged from the Navy. Thanks to some wrangling by the senior training officer, Wu did not get discharged dishonourably, thanks in no small part to his solid performance on course. The same officer recommended he return when he was older, and with a more complete education.

Undeterred, Wu would try to apply for the merchant navy, although he was quickly rejected after they cross referenced his application and found the reason he was discharged before. Dejected, Wu would eventually be forced home by a combination of lack of money and prospects.

Now fairly behind in school, Wu redoubled his efforts and intensity, this time into education. The process was made more difficult by his father's ailing health, but Wu often worked through the day and studied at night. His hard work would pay off, graduating high school with distinction and being offered a scholarship to university.

Unfortunatly, between having to pay for the room and board, as well as his increased importance at the farm, Wu decided that he could not afford to attend. In the end, the local village and neighbors managed to scrape together the funds to send him, as well as a promise to assist his parents on the farm while he was away.

Wu settled into university life quickly, maintaining a high GPA while becoming a solid varsity athelte. In just over three years, he graduated with an honors degree in history. With his education in hand, and his dream not forgotten, Wu again applied for the Navy - this time, as an officer.

The fantasies he had as a boy did not dissapoint, and Wu rose quickly in the service. He specialized in surface and sub-surface warfare, and before long, attained his long-desired 'dolphins' as a submariner. Rising up the ranks, he would be a weapons and operations officer, before attending command school and promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Assigned as an Executive Officer, he would serve in that position for some time, waiting for a submarine command slot to open. Using up a considerable store of favours, he managed to avoid a stint on shore, and got assigned two back to back sea tours. Near the end of the second, he recieved word that he had gotten assigned his command.

Unfortunatly, he would never assume that command. Less than a month before he was due to depart for his new assignment, a training accident lead to the loss of his right leg. Amputated just below the knee, his limited mobility would leave him unable to serve as an active line officer on ships.

Taking his medical discharge, Wu returned to school, attaining his Masters in Business Administration. After some time, the business world had left a sour taste in his mouth, and Wu looked at ways of returning to the military. Although restricted from sea duty, he managed to return to uniform as a paperpusher in logistics and supply.

Wu performed decently well at the job, but it too slowly weared on him. Things changed, however, after the Xindi attack. Seconded to Operations again, Wu was re-energized. He worked closely with global operations as well as Starfleet. Promoted to Commander, he eventually switched his commission to Starfleet and continued to work in strategic operations.

Earth History, horseback riding and archery. Enjoys chinese food and Westerns (movies).

      Starfleet Service:
xx Aug 215x - Transfers into Starfleet.
27 Feb 2157 - Promoted to Acting Captain
28 Feb 2157 - Assigned as Commandant, Starfleet Academy

17 Jun 2157 - Captain Michael Thompson Memorial Award (1st Quarter, 2007)

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